The Dance Of The Evanescent

by Bifrost

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released April 20, 2013



all rights reserved


Bifrost Foggia, Italy

Bifrost, the bridge of light connecting the realm of the gods with the realm of men: Asgard and Midgard, so far and yet so close. Life is not so different from what the ancient Scandinavian people believed: life is made up by opposing feelings, united by the existence of man itself.
The band started back in 2004 as a doom metal band and it's constantly changing in its musical journey
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Track Name: The Dance Of The Evanescent
The Dance Of the Evanescent

A disgusting sight
none could ever bear
a piece of rotten flesh
made of lies and deceits
All that filth
is what you really are
A walking abortion
made alive and real

Just like the Snake
you crawl crawl and crawl
All the dirt
suits you all too well
Mother of all whores
None will ever redeem you
And then you realize
there's another like you

Your viscious skin
stinks from miles away
All the marks on you
are the dickheads you fucked
Giving your body
only a midget could take
Always get what you want
And it goes on and on

A truly exotic beauty
gracing through the night
and in the morning
a fat picture from hell
A blabbering lardass
with that foul smell
holier than thou
never try to judge me

the wave is coming
how fast you run
is how fast you die
your sins are here to stay
the one you wanted dead
shall rend your lies and
set you free

Now my dear friends
it is time to pay
you'll always be together
in neverending love
the truth can now be told
and all the shame unfold
A pathetic dance
that no crowd will cheer

And yet you'll rant
on and on and on
Now dance for me
the dance you know so well
So ungraceful
a body moving like a slime
Now dance for me
the dance that none shall see

Joining with a hog
that is just like you
An asshole with the ego
of an almighty god
But a brain of a worm
And a belly of a boar
A wimp like that
A perfect match

A voluntary exile
a childish excuse
speaking ill of the one
that gave you your love
the one you wanted dead
Let me guide you
Beyond the pale

All have left
all because of them

Just a poor soul for display
on a self made golden altar
Track Name: Drops

Charming ticking in the night
slowly bringing me to sleep

Charming lullaby in the night
Slowly bringing life to dream

Charming ticking in the night
How fast she brings me to her

Charming lullaby in the night
How fast my mind runs
The chase still so far from being over

So cold
their call

So sweet
Their sound

So sad

All that's left
All that ever was

Charming ticking a new dawn upon us
Charming lullaby
All fades

A new beginning as the sun rises
the curtains fall
All forever lost
Track Name: Ashes Of An Endless Embrace
Ashes Of An Endless Embrace

Dark brown slanted eyes
hiding the deepest of forests
waiting to be softly touched
by the light of your sight

A soft smell rises in the air
Like leaves in the storm
The wind reveals yourself to me
A prayer to what has yet to come

And once winter came
garbed in snow
I knew you were here
Lurking in the lightning
A soothing warmth felt
Worlds apart joining as one

Seas raging
a smile never fades
foul words all in vain
all man will do
revere and honour
a wonder so unique

That embrace
the gift before parting
Sorrowful yet
its ashes the autumn breeze
shall scatter

Locked together
forever and everywhere
Bearing our will
bearing our names
Life springs anew
An endless embrace

Dark brown slanted eyes
hiding the deepest of forests
how long have i waited
to become part of you

The leaves in the storm
shivers down my spine
The wind no longer reveals you
Bringing me closer and closer

We are the same
but one never will be
Walking on the same path
ashes have traced us

Let the world end with us
Filled with pride
Till death comes to pass
Track Name: Song Of The Ancients' Fate
Track Name: Ambivalence

I - The Last To Be Destroyed

Content for all
you have
Proud for all
you got
Safe in your
own world
All's granted
for you all
Who walk fast
Who see far
Who lead in life
Who bathe in Light
There's Light There's Hope
Never Lost

Holy light guides you to
Your own promised land
Holy light guides you to
your own promised Hell

Disraught for all
You lost
Pained for all
You missed
Safe in your
own world
All's granted
for you all
who walk not
who see not
Who Follow in life
But still bathe in light
There's light There's hope
Never Lost

Holy light guides you to
Your own promised land
Holy light guides you to
your own promised Hell

II - ... Future, All Of A Sudden

Dreams could be
Ambitions could be
Salvation or
Can be one and the same
In the land of the
admonishing light

Calm seas
could lead you ashore
or astray
Far from what you've been
Far from all you've believed in
Tempted to stop
Salvation and Damnation
Become one and the same

When you flew away
I severed your legs and
Your blood made us all awaken
One day you will
be forced to land
and fall and love
and die
in my place